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About Us

Wendy Kennedy is a qualified Personal Trainer with 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Her passion is working one-on-one with her clients in an exclusive and friendly environment at her private fully equipped gym on her property in Greenfields, Mandurah.

If you are new to gym training or just dissatisfied with training in a large public gym, Wendy Kennedy's Personal Training (wkpt) is an ideal alternative, especially for those looking to:

  • lose weight, improve their posture, gain strength and generally improve their muscle tone, flexibility, and balance;

  • work on preventing injuries, increasing range of movement or who are undergoing rehabilitation; or

  • just reach those personal goals.

In addition, Wendy can provide a wide range of personal services including: programming, nutritional advice, and group fitness. 

Certificate III and IV Fitness & Diploma of Fitness

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